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         In according with the teory that modern traditional , Chinese Medicine thinks that medicines and foods are from the same source. This product is made through the procedures of vaccum dying , particulars comminution , sterilzation, intensive mixing with V-type machine, selecting coffee, hydro-carboxylic acid (HCA),taurine, dietary fiber and Vitamin B1 as raw material. This product is scientific achievements of our company cooperating with Technological Research Center of American Genetic Biological Medicine for 3-years clinical research.

It is a kind of natural , healthy and safe drink for weight loss and beauty, not common coffee. If you dink one bag of the product in the morning everyday, you will find that every drops is sweet and fragment with endless fragrant with endless aftertaste so as to enjoy ˇ°slimˇ± to the full. All in all, it is a kind of healthy drink for modern people who love for beauty.

Executive standards: Q/YX18-1997
Approval No. WEISHIZHUNZI(1997) NO.053
License No. LUWEISHIZHENGZI(2006) NO.0108


coffee, hydro-carboxylic acid (HCA), taurine dietary fiber and Vitamin B1


18 packages /per box , 10g powder/per package


It is all right to drink it with appropriate bolided water before every breakfast (without add in other coffee mate) You'd better continue this each day.


be kept in a cool and dry place and stored hermetically


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