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         Adopting konjaku flour, oligosaccharide, malt,chitin, tuckahoe, dietary fiber, exacts of apple, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin B2 as raw materials, with many years of clinical research of Professor James from Technologic Research Center of American Gene Biological Medicine, appling the extraction technology of modern top bio-medicine , having passed the GMP Standard Certification . The turzing the intestine, keeping youthfulness, and its effect is so quick with visible effect on the same day.   The Effect of Paiyouji is perfect and it taking effective on that day.   It uses the perparation of fruites and many kinds of Vitamins, so its nutrient balances , so it withour toxin so we can say the the product is the newest health food which deals with commonly known as "Fat Waist Like a Bucket" and "Fat Legs like that of an elephant" and can realize keeping youthfulness and losing weight at the same time.

    It is a kind of diet food which can keep beauty and keep slim and have an obivous effect on "the water pail waist", " the general belly" and "The elephant leg ".


konjaku flour , oligosaccharide , malt, chitin, the meal fiber,extractant from apple , vitamin C,vitamin E,vitamin B2


500mg*27 Capsules


Adult [old than 18 and young than 55]


Not applicable for Pregnant woman ,patients of heart diseases or Hypertension


Simply mix 1 whole sachet of powder into 1 mug of boiling water each day and drink every morning just before having breakfast. You'd better continue this each day.



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